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Screening For Athletes And Those Wanting To Participate In Vigorous Exercise

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) associated with athletic activity while uncommon, can be a devastating event as victims tend to be young and/or quite healthy. Exercise can trigger underlying, undetected heart problems in an otherwise healthy-seeming individual, especially those who have been sedentary for a while. With a greater nationwide emphasis towards fitness and active lifestyles, as well as increased participation in endurance events, there is no better time to get yourself screened.

While there are strong data that sports can worsen a few select heart conditions, those are rare. Whether you’re a weekend warrior on the tennis court, training for a marathon or picking up sports again after a long lay-off, it’s important to identify any cardiac issues by a simple sports screening. Using a combination of blood tests, physical examination, a simple electrocardiogram (ECG) or exercise stress test, questions on medical history, Dr Khoo can help individuals evaluate their cardiovascular risks as well as identify potentially life-threatening conditions. This can lead to advice on appropriate duration/intensity and how to exercise safely and with peace of mind.