Corporate Insurance

Ascension Heart is on the panel of all the major insurance companies and if you are covered by corporate insurance, you may be entitled to a cashless visit to our clinic. You may make an appointment directly with our clinic, or alternatively, you may also get a referral from your GP to see us.

If you don’t see your corporate insurance listed here or if you are unsure of your specialist coverage, do feel free to contact us through phone, email or our website for a no-obligation inquiry. If we are on your corporate panel of specialist coverage, we can help you check if you are eligible for a cashless transaction or if you will have to bear a co-pay portion. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us a screenshot of your e-card to verify or check directly with your HR regarding your medical benefits

Corporate Insurance Partners

Integrated Shield Plan

We are a preferred partner for all the major Medisave-approved Integrated Shield plans. If you have purchased an Integrated Shield policy offered by a private insurer, you may be entitled to claim for hospitalization and cardiac procedures. Do check with your broker on the conditions of your plans individual policies differ in coverage depending on what you have bought.

We would be happy to provide any paperwork and documentation necessary for filing the claim

Integrated Shield Plan Partners


We are also a Medisave approved clinic.

As we are one of the MOH-approved lists of specialist clinics, you may use Medisave to pay for outpatient treatment of chronic diseases
Please click here for the list.

You can use your own Medisave account or the Medisave account of immediate family members i.e. children, spouse, and grandchildren. The withdrawal limit is $500 per Medisave account per year.
Please click here for more details

To apply for the use of Medisave to pay for your outpatient visit, you have to submit a completed Medisave Claims Authorisation From.
It is also available at the front counter of our clinics.
You can download the form here

Once the MCAF has been submitted, it can immediately be used to offset your bill. Do bring along your original NRIC for verification